Corrected Anterior Crossbite in Primary Dentition

Dental and orthodontic treatment of pediatric patients can be challenging due to behavioral situations associated with young ages, an altered dentition caused by eruption variations and anomalies and altered dental development. These challenges can present situations where the teeth required for an acceptable and esthetically pleasing occlusion are misplaced or altered. Presented are two cases of pediatric age patients, both with an anterior cross-bite of all primary maxillary incisors.

The two case reports are interesting because a single appliance was implemented to correct anterior crossbite in both a Class I occlusion and an apparent Class III skeletal growth in less than six months of treatment. The cases used a simple, but efficient system to correct the malocclusions which required only minimal cooperation from the young patients. Cooperation is key with all patients, but ease and comfort are particularly important with young patients.

Both patients presented with anterior crossbites involving all four primary maxillary incisors, and with no erupted permanent incisors. Per the parent’s reports, both patients were aware their smile presentation was different than that of their peers. The priority objectives in these cases were to maintain posterior occlusion stability, correct the anterior crossbite as soon as possible and improve each patients’ self-esteem.

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