Class II Correction Case Using Herbst & Twin Force Appliances

Parents will often ask for orthodontic treatment when their dentist informs them that their child has crowding. They can see that the crowding of teeth is affecting their child’s smile. Sometimes, it is not so obvious if a child has a retruded chin. The dental profession classifies this as a Skeletal Class II and dental Class II Division II. Accompanying the retruded chin is often a large overjet.

Parents should be shown their child’s profile at the current retruded position. Then with instructions, the dentist should guide the child to the more normal chin position. This normal position gives the child a more natural profile. Additionally, their lower face is fuller. After seeing the difference, parents will prefer this new jaw position.

Children with a retruded chin can have the appearance of a child who suffers from allergies; their posture can be poor and their mouths are often found to be slightly opened.

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