Diplomate Case Summary & Analysis: Excessive Overjet in a Teenage Patient

A 13-year-old female patient Arianne B. reported to our office with a chief complaint of “I want to fix
my front teeth.” She presented with an excessive overjet and was concerned about how her front teeth looked. An excessive overjet occurs when the upper front teeth are significantly further forward than the lower front teeth. But there were additional risks to her teeth due to her overjet that needed to also be addressed beyond just the cosmetic issue.

An excessive overjet greatly increases the risk of injuring the protruded upper front teeth. The misaligned teeth can also make biting into food difficult or impossible. If the excessive overjet is severe enough, it may result in speech impediments. An excessive overjet can also make it difficult for the lips to fully close around the front teeth. The patient may have to strain to cover their front teeth leaving these teeth vulnerable to injury.

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Roy Rogers


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