Tooth Movements: Effectively Bodily Translation of Teeth Using the Big Daddy Appliance

“Technology is best when it brings people together” —Matt Mullenweg

The Big Daddy9 appliance is an .032 stainless steel overlay wire that when activated expands the maxillary arch (Figs. 1 and 2).

To fabricate the appliance, a straight section of .032 stainless steel wire is shaped with a torquing turret slightly wider than the maxillary arch being treated (Fig. 3). On one side, a vertical step-up bend is placed just mesial to the headgear tube of the maxillary first molar band (Figs. 4A and B). A horizontal bend is then placed 2-3 mm higher than the initial vertical bend completing the offset (Fig. 4C). This offset bend allows the wire to fit passively in the molar headgear tube of the maxillary first molar band. Repeat the bends on the other side (Fig. 4D).

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