Are You Working In Or On Your Business?

Ask Yourself If You’re Earning Money for Yourself or Someone Else?

Dental school prepares us to be technically capable. Just how capable and outstanding is up to us. With time and work in our practices and with continuing education, we can all grow, learn and sharpen our skills.

However (and this is a big deal), we do not get an MBA in dental school and we do not even get so much as a course in business.

Dental school is not designed to teach us how to run a business; rather, dental or medical school is designed to train doctors to care for patients. And, the vast majority of us end up in private practice. Guess what that is? A business. A dental practice is a business yet most of us don’t look at it as a business. We see it through our eyes as caring for our patients, and as a place to “do” dentistry and make a living. That is what it should be.

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