Breathing, Oxygenation & Early Development: The Health of Your Growing Patients & Affects of Mask-Wearing

There are two areas of impact to our child patients and their parents, that are too often overlooked by us as doctors. And, let me add, pediatric physicians quite often overlook these same areas as well. They are 1) the functional airway and breathing and 2) the development of the self as part of human culture, all based on relationship. As dental professionals to dentists, we have great ability to impact our child patients in both areas.

As a doctor responsible for the care and work toward health in the oral environment, this article will have you consider these two areas in your child patients’ development, and what your responsibilities entail. Your care of these patients can become absolutely outstanding as your awareness, understanding and knowledge truly grow in the wide-reaching and amazing area of the oral cavity. Let’s look at these.

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