Orthodontic Pearls: New, Improved Thoughts to Old Problems

Recently, I’ve worked with Great Lakes Orthodontic lab to create for me a MSE (Maxillary Skeletal Expander) appliance, which was developed by Dr. Won Moon, Program Director for UCLA School of Dentistry. I like this device because it has the added benefits of solving multiple problems by using one appliance while not creating additional unwanted issues.

From previous articles, I’ve shown that I have performed thousands of mini implants. The MSE takes four mini implants to provide bicortical anchorage on either side of the mid palatal suture to create the expansion. (Fig. 1) For me, this was a natural extension of my normal work without the disadvantages of traditional expansion appliances like tipping, age restrictions and difficulty maintaining stable results.

No age restrictions exist with opening the palatal suture, yet with some slight modifications in protocol for different ages is needed. (Fig. 2)

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