Orthodontics: Blending Engineering & Art

To the patient or parent, orthodontics is “braces” and “straightening teeth.” Every few weeks, the braces get “tightened,” or so they say. To the dentist, dental student, or orthodontist, orthodontics is creating the best occlusion (bite) possible, the most beautiful smile possible, and the most beautiful face possible.

To accomplish these goals with the hardware called “braces”, is an amazing feat, really. To put the “train track” brackets on the teeth, the “palate expanders” and other appliances, and to execute a plan of pushing and pulling (forces) on the teeth and bones, has many challenges. This is because the plan is being executed in a human body. No two human body are even close to the same in their reactions. Even twins’ bodies react differently to orthodontic work. It takes some amazing engineering, mixed with an artful eye, from start to finish.

Orthodontics is indeed, a blend of engineering and art.

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