Part 1 | Key Six in Early Mixed Dentition Class II Correction: Distalization Mechanics

As described by Dr. Leonard J. Carapezza, DMD, Key Six in early Class II correction is distalization mechanics.1 I rarely use distalization appliances such as the Horseshoe Jet (Fig. 1-A), Mesial-Distalslider (Fig. 1-B)3 or Newby/Anderson Distalizer (Fig. 1-C) in early (7-9 years) Class II cases as there are other straightforward techniques to treat these patients. However, I routinely use these appliances in adolescent and adult permanent dentition cases.

Dr. Carapezza states that “90% of early Class II malocclusions are dento-alveolar and typically present with a half Class II (3.5mm).”1 Most of these cases present with mesially rotated maxillary first molars (Fig. 2). Distal rotating these molars (Fig. 3-A) generally will correct a half Class II molar platform to a Class I platform (Fig. 3-B).

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Randy Newby


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