Part 2 | Orthokinetic Philosophy: Biomechanic Basis

From the biomechanical viewpoint, the basic therapeutic goals in clinical practice are achieved in a simple, efficient and effective way when all the procedures involving dental movements are standardized. For that reason, the Orthokinetic treatment technique considers seven basic and simple biomechanical principles.

These seven principles are easy to execute with high reproducibility and precision they are:

  1. Having a single appliance prescription.
  2. A minimized sequence and arch inventory.
  3. Block retraction of both incisal and canine teeth.
  4. The use of Orthokinetic archwires.
  5. The use of Orthokinetic retraction systems.
  6. Anterior torque control.
  7. Horizontal and vertical anchorage control.

We will look in depth at the first five.

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