Pursuit of AOS Diplomate Status: Guidelines for Quality Assessment of Orthodontic Care

The following guidelines have been developed by the American Orthodontic Society (AOS) to assist with assessment of the quality of orthodontic care provided by its members. Credentialing is provided in AOS as a mechanism of assessing quality of treatment in order to serve the interests of patients, individual practitioners, the dental profession and any other interested parties.

Orthodontics and Dento-facial Orthopedics is a division of dentistry that like other dental specialized areas may require the services of a specialist in only 10% of the dental population. The other 90% may be served by the generalist and pediatric in a recognized American Dental Association Certified Educational Program, which is provided by AOS.

The AOS continuing education (CE) program of orthodontics prepares the clinician to possess advanced knowledge in biomedical, behavioral and basic sciences. It includes the biology of tooth movement, cephalometrics, orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning, familiarity with the potential needs of surgical orthodontics, biomechanical principles, growth and development and its application to tooth movement, principles and application of orthopedic forces, patient motivation and behavioral management.

The AOS has established credentialing to assess the quality of services rendered by members of the society. The concern of AOS extends to all those undergoing orthodontic care. Since the interests of the consuming public are best protected by high standards of care, a single level of review as applied to orthodontic treatment is expected regardless of the education and experiential qualification of the practitioner providing the service. It is the desire of the AOS Board of Diplomates that the presented guidelines will be helpful to its membership in the pursuit of AOS Diplomate Status.

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