Unilateral Molar Distalization Utilizing Tip-Edge Mechanics

Class II malocclusions present some of the most difficult cases we treat orthodontically. Treatment resolutions are dependent upon the etiology of the malocclusion, often related to whether the Class II molar position is of skeletal derivation or caused by specific dental malocclusions in Class I skeletal patients, such as premature loss of second deciduous molars or delayed eruption of canines in the upper arch.

The choice of possible treatment modalities available must be determined with a thorough diagnosis and applied accordingly to address the etiology of each individual case.

Unilateral Class II molar relationships are often encountered in many cases we treat. TADS, Pendulum appliances, Wilson Distalizers and various sliding mechanisms utilizing Nance buttons or similar palatally supported appliances have been advocated to treat these malocclusions.

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