White Spot Lesions

White spot lesions on teeth result from acid-producing pathogenic bacteria that demineralize the tooth surface. This begins the process of tooth decay. While these lesions occur in patients without any orthodontic or other dental intervention, they also occur during orthodontic treatment. The tooth damage results from the bacterial acids etching and eating away at the tooth structure. There is something you can do to greatly reduce the risk more on that below.

The interplay between three areas will determine the risk and actuality of damage during orthodontic treatment: These are the orthodontic treatment (medical intervention); secondly, the complex human body existing in its environment, nature, including the trillions of microbes we call the microbiome; and third, the patients’ and parents’ degree of participation in care of that body.

Which of these areas can you impact to reduce the risk of damage? How can you provide that impact? The answers to these questions are important to all of us who offer and provide orthodontic treatment to transform lives.

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