Our review course is taught by our team of instructors and examiners for our members striving to reach their board-eligible status within the AOS. Led by Academy of Diplomates Executive Director Dr. Ed Gonzalez and President Michael Newman, it will help you on your way to becoming Board-eligible in the Academy of Diplomates, the credentialing arm of the AOS.

In addition, the Academy of Diplomate Examiners will conduct Board Exams for Board-eligible and Diplomate candidates and Board-eligible written testing.

Credentialing in the AOS is an excellent way to highlight your professional services to your patients, gain prestige within the dental community, and demonstrate proficiency to state and industry certifying agencies. If you have attained 350 CE hours of orthodontic training, you have made the first step toward valuable credentialing.

Review Course Speakers & Topics

  • Dr. Ed Gonzalez – Growth and Development
  • Dr. Jordan Balvich – Diagnosis
  • Dr. Azita Anizzi – Treatment and Mechanics
  • Dr. Juan Echeverri – Retention
  • Dr. Leonard Carapezza – Six Keys
  • Dr. Jordan Balvich – Requirements for Case Presentation

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 35 Topics
  • 19 Quizzes

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