Turning Orthodontic Treatment Obstacles Into Dental Practice Marketing Opportunities

How You Can Leverage Your Potential Orthodontic Patient’s Pain Points To Greater Case Acceptance and Greater Patient Satisfaction

The global orthodontics market size will grow by 276%, or almost triple, by 2023 from where it was in 2020 (Dash et al.) In the US, the orthodontics market is projected to be $9.60 billion by 2029 (“US Orthodontic Market Size, Share, & COVID-19 Impact Analysis”). But as of 2017, there were only three orthodontists for every 100,000 people in the United States (AAOINFO).

Some factors that might affect whether the number of orthodontists entering the workforce can keep up with the growing demand might be student loan debt, salary realities, and length of the required education. For example, a report by AAOINFO shows that there is “a large difference between the average expected salary for residents versus average actual salary for recent graduates (AAOINFO).”

Additionally, dental practice ownership is declining, according to the ADA (“Dental Practice Research”). This leaves general practice and pediatric dentists who own their practice and can provide orthodontics to their patient base as somewhat of a rarity, even a unicorn. When you as a general or pediatric dentist provide orthodontics to your patients, and you do it well, you are providing a much-needed service.

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Marisa Porter


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